2015-12-08 Release

Pulse SDKs for iOS and tvOS

New integration SDK: Pulse SDKs for iOS and tvOS

Pulse SDK is the name for the new range of SDKs that we are developing, which simplifies integrating with Pulse significantly. The Pulse SDKs define a strict and simple communication protocol, allowing developers to quickly build simple event driven integrations. The Pulse SDKs automatically manage:

  • ad tracking,
  • error handling,
  • and prompting the video player to play ads.

Pulse SDKs are now available for iOS and tvOS, in the iOS 2.x SDK framework and tvOS 2.x SDK framework, respectively. Note that the core SDKs are still available, the Pulse SDKs have simply been added to the existing frameworks. The frameworks are available for download at: iOS SDK and tvOS SDK.

Request access to the sample integration through your Technical Account Manager.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates:

The SDK documentation for the iOS and tvOS Pulse SDK is found at Pulse iOS & tvOS Framework 2.x Reference. This documentation contains a change log page (Changelog Document), listing all changes between subsequent versions of the SDKs.