2016-02-11 Release

Ad info available in ad error events on Flash SDK, new Pulse SDK for Android

Ad info available in ad error events on Flash SDK

Previously, information about the ad was passed along with any tracking error events (TRACKING_ERROR_EVENT) in the Flash SDK. Now we have extended the same functionality when ad error events (AD_ERROR_EVENT) are sent. This allows you to extract more specific information about the ad that caused an error, like the ad ID, URL, format, and so on.

Pulse SDK for Android

In our new range of SDKs, a new Pulse SDK for Android is available, which simplifies integrating with Pulse significantly. The Pulse SDK defines a strict and simple communication protocol, allowing developers to quickly build simple event driven integrations. The Pulse SDK automatically manages:

  • ad tracking,
  • error handling,
  • and prompting the video player to play ads.

The Android Pulse 2.x SDK is available for download here.

Request access to the sample integration through your Technical Account Manager.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates:

More information about the AD_ERROR_EVENT is located at: http://pulse-sdks.videoplaza.com/flash/latest/

The Android Pulse SDK documentation is located at: http://pulse-sdks.videoplaza.com/android_2/latest/