2016-05-26 Release

New Ad REST API, time-based break setting available in Pulse SDKs, full passback behavior in HTML5 Pulse SDK, default skin for HTML5 ad player.

Ad REST API to upload assets and create ads

New REST API endpoints are available to interact with Pulse. The Booking API provides you with endpoints to manipulate campaigns, goals, client records, and so on, but it did not have endpoints for assets and ads. The new REST API, called the Ad API, now enables you to:
  • upload assets into Pulse,
  • get metadata from uploaded assets,
  • create and update ads,
  • and get information about ads.

The Ad API is currently not part of the Booking API, because it uses a different base URL, authentication and format.

Note: To use the Ad API, request an API key from your Account Manager. If you are already using the Booking API, you must still request a new key, because the key for the Booking API is not compatible with the Ad API.

Time-based break setting available in Pulse SDKs

The time based break functionality in Pulse enables you to set a maximum duration for pre-, mid- and post-roll ad breaks. Setting the maximum duration in seconds for a break is now also available in the Pulse SDKs and is done through adding the parameter when you request an ad session from Pulse:

  • HTML5 (from v2. OO.Pulse.RequestSettings.maxLinearBreakDuration
  • Android (from v2. RequestSettings.setMaxLinearBreakDuration()
  • iOS & tvOS (from v2. VPRequestSettings.maxLinearBreakDuration
Warning: Adding the maximum linear break duration in an ad session request to Pulse sets the maximum duration for each linear break requested, even if no maximum duration was previously defined in the applicable ad insertion policy in Pulse.

See Time-based breaks for more information regarding time based breaks, where to set it and its limitations.

Full passback behavior in HTML5 Pulse SDK

From version, the HTML5 Pulse SDK automatically takes care of all passback handling, if passbacks are available for the failed or unreachable ad. This also applies to all integrations between your web based video player and Pulse, which use any of the following plugins or ad players:

Default skin available for HTML5 ad player

A default skin is available for any integration using the HTML5 ad player. The skin provides the following functionality:
  • A spinning animation to indicate an ad is being loaded.
  • Mute and unmute buttons.
  • A progress bar for the ad.
  • A top banner with information about the ads, like the ad name and number of ads.
  • A play button, when you return to the player page after a clickthrough page was opened.

The skin is available on GitHub: HTML5 Ad Player Skins. To add the skin, clone the repository, build the project and include the minified version from the dist folder to the page containing the HTML5 ad player.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: