2016-06-16 Release

Time Based Break setting in Flash SDK and Android Core 2.x SDK supports non-linear ad formats and session extension.

Time Based Break Setting Available in Flash SDKs

The time based break functionality in Pulse enables you to set a maximum duration for pre-, mid- and post-roll ad breaks. Setting the maximum duration in seconds for a break is now also available in the Flash SDK from version and is done through adding the parameter when you request an ad session from Pulse:

Warning: Adding the maximum linear break duration in an ad session request to Pulse sets the maximum duration for each linear break requested, even if no maximum duration was previously defined in the applicable ad insertion policy in Pulse.

See Time Based Breaks for more information regarding time based breaks, where to set it and its limitations.

Android Core 2.x SDK Supports Non-Linear Ad Formats

From version, the Android Core 2.x SDK supports non-linear ad formats:
  • Overlay: an ad that does not interrupt the video content playback, but is displayed in a location over the video content. Use the NonLinearCreative class to handle these ads.
  • Companion Banner: an ad that does not interrupt the video content playback, and is displayed alongside the video player without overlapping it. Use the Companion class to handle these ads.
  • Pause Ad: an ad that is displayed in the video player when the viewer pauses the video content.

To get and display these types of ads, you must request the appropriate insertion point types when creating your session (see RequestSettings.InsertionPointType) and have the desired types enabled and available in your Pulse account.

Android Core 2.x SDK Supports Session Extension

From version, the Android Core 2.x SDK also supports session extension, which means that you can add more points during the video content to play ads, with the following limitations:
  • You cannot request insertion points that have been requested already. For example, if you have already requested pre-roll ads, then you cannot request them again.
  • You can request additional mid-rolls (both linear and non-linear), but only for cue points that have not been requested yet.
  • You may request pause ads multiple times, but the selected pause ad is always the last one requested. This means that the pause ad insertion point is always overwritten with the latest result from the session extension.

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: