2016-07-06 Release

Ability to enable third-party ad clash protection.

Third-party ad clash protection

Pulse now offers you the ability to add a Client Category Custom ID which can be passed in third-party VAST tags to help ensure that clash protection works when using third-party ad sources.

Macros are used in the Pulse UI when adding third-party tags and external tracking links. The macros are resolved into values when the tags or links are added to an ad response.

To use the new functionality, go to the "Client categories" tab and add a custom ID to the desired client categories. Use two new macros in third-party VAST tags, so that third-party ad sources do not include ads from these client categories in ad responses.
  1. ${blocked.category.customIds}: list of client categories that should not be included in ad responses
  2. ${break.id}: the unique identifier for the ad break
  • Pulse cannot guarantee third-party ad clash protection to work because the third-party ad source also needs to support the feature. StickyAds are the only company confirmed to support this as of now.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: