2016-09-06 Release

Frontload feature bug fix.

Frontload bug fix

Attention: This fix affects all customers.

The frontload feature is intended to give you more manual control over the delivery pace which is otherwise completely controlled by Pulse's internal delivery algorithm. By using frontload, you can instruct Pulse that a portion of a goal should be treated differently – served as soon as possible if there is spare room in current inventory that would otherwise be unused and wasted. The frontload portion of the goal has a higher priority than impression goals without an end date, which means it is allowed to use any impression opportunity that no other impression goal with an end date needs.

There was an issue with the frontload feature related to frontloaded goals which targeted different content. For example, campaign A contains goal A, with a frontload set to 100%, which targets content A. Campaign B contains goal B, with a frontload set to 100%, which targets content B. The expected result of the 100% frontload setting is that every impression opportunity matching content A is delivered on content A and every impression opportunity matching content B is delivered on content B.

However, before the fix, content A and content B shared the impression opportunities equally, each getting 50% of the impressions dedicated to frontload, because the delivery algorithm did not recognise that the goals targeted completely different content. The impact of the issue was low for most customers because not everyone has frontloaded goals with such content specific targeting.

Now, with the issue fixed, customers that have adjusted the frontload setting in a way that offsets the frontload issue should lower the setting if any of the following is noticed:
  • a speedier delivery for frontloaded goals during the frontload period
  • a slower delivery for lower priority goals (goals without an end date and goals with unlimited impressions)
Please contact your Account Manager if you need further assistance.