2016-09-29 Release

Preview capability in the HTML5 Pulse SDK.

Preview capability in the HTML5 Pulse SDK

From versions, the HTML5 Pulse SDK supports previews, which allow you to preview an ad as a pre-roll without doing any tracking. This functionality is handy to test your Pulse integration with a real ad request to Pulse, but without tracking the ad and creating false impressions. Preview can be achieved in two ways:
  • While still developing the integration on your local environment, you can add the ID of the ad you want to preview in the pulse_preview property of the request settings.
  • After deploying the integration to a staging environment, you can add pulse_preview=the-pulse-ad-id-you-want-to-preview to the URL of the page. For example,
Note: this is also available for the HTML5 Ad Player and the plugins based on this ad player: Brightcove Player HTML5 Plugin, VideoJS HTML5 Plugin and JW7 HTML5 Plugin.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates:

  • For session extension in HTML5 Pulse SDK: Changelog