2016-11-24 Release

Mobile application parameters in Android and iOS SDKs for real-time bidding requests.

Mobile app parameters for Android and iOS SDKs

From version, the Android and iOS SDKs (Pulse and Core) enable you to add more information about your mobile application and device to your ad requests. This information is forwarded to your connected DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms) in case of real-time bidding requests, and enables the DSPs to better match up bids and provide more tracking information to the advertisers.

The parameters used for this information are:
  • Advertising ID: the Google advertising ID (AAID) for Android or the Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) for iOS.
  • Application Name: the name of your application where you serve ads using Pulse.
  • Application Version: the version of your application.
  • Application Bundle: the bundle ID of your application, which has the format com.domainname.applicationname for both Android and iOS applications.
  • Application ID: the ID of your application. For an Android app, this parameter is the same as the Application Bundle. For an iOS app, this parameter is the Apple Team ID followed by the Application Bundle, for example, A1B2C3D4E5.com.domainname.applicationname.
  • Store URL: the URL where you can download your application.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: