2016-12-08 Release

VMAP integration, improved VAST integration documentation, restructured developer documentation.

VMAP integration

Pulse now supports requests for tickets containing ads according to the VMAP template. VMAP is mainly used when you have no control over video playback in your chosen player, but the player does support VMAP for ad playback.

In Pulse, the VMAP template is enabled for:
  • standard pre-rolls,
  • standard mid-rolls,
  • standard post-rolls,
  • and overlays.

For more information, see VMAP integration.

Improved VAST integration documentation

Our VAST integration documentation is now complemented by VMAP integration documentation. All parameters applicable to either type of integration are now described in more detail, contain examples, and are subdivided into categories.

For more information, see VAST and VMAP

Restructured integration developer guides

Previously, you may have found that you were looking at a completely different section in the table of content after selecting certain pages. This is due to an issue in our publishing platform, which cannot be resolved. However, we have restructured and created unique pages, so this issue no longer occurs in the Video Advertising documentation.

In addition to solving this issue, we have also created a more logical flow in the information, so new customers first see our Integration and Validation Process, which is a crucial part in any successful integration with Pulse. The new structure also reflects our recommended order of integration types with the most recommended types at the top. The introduction page to the integration developer guide, explains clearly when to use what type of integration and reiterates over the recommendations. Where needed, more information has been added to better help developers with their integrations.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: