2017-02-23 Release

VAST4 support in Android and iOS SDKs, cosmetic changes to Planner UI, information about IP address forwarding for VAST and VMAP integrations.

VAST4 support in Android and iOS SDKs

From version, the Android and iOS SDKs can parse VAST4 tickets and expose a number of extra attributes and elements, when present:
  • Conditional attribute on ad (conditionalAd)
  • Ad system information (<AdSystem>)
  • Ad categories (<Category>), including the authorities providing the categorisation
  • Ad description (<Description>)
  • Ad advertiser (<Advertiser>)
  • Ad pricing information (<Pricing>)
  • Ad survey(s) (<Survey>)
  • Scripts (JavaScript or Flash) on ads to support viewability and verification efforts (<AdVerifications>)
  • Universal ad id on creatives (<UniversalAdID>)

These changes apply to both Core and Pulse SDKs.

Cosmetic changes to Planner UI

A couple of minor cosmetic changes have been made to the Planner:
  • Inventory reports contain slim bars, which ensures a more consistent look and feel across reports with different time ranges
  • Inventory report titles are now correctly named 'Inventory simulation report for'

    Inventory simulation report for label
  • Running simulations are now correctly labelled as 'Simulating ...'

    Simulation ...

VAST and VMAP considerations

A new page for VAST and VMAP considerations is available. Currently, the page contains information on how to forward and who should forward IP addresses when using any type of proxy in your Video Advertising solution to ensure correct geotargeting in Pulse.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: