2017-03-03 Release

Support for device targeting in Pulse Ad REST API.

New Ad REST API endpoint

A new Ad REST API endpoint is available to interact with Pulse. This endpoint enables you to retrieve a list of all device containers associated with your Pulse account, including their id, name, and shortName. You can then use this information to target devices when handling ads through the API.

Device targeting support in Ad REST API

Previously, when creating ads through the API, you could not specify the device containers on which the ad should run. Instead, the ad targeted all device containers available for your Pulse account. Now, support for device targeting has been added in the Ad REST API, which means you can define and update the device containers on which the ad should run when handling ads through the API (POST and PUT).

Limitation: You cannot use the PATCH method to modify the deviceContainers field. Doing so is ignored and the original value is retained.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: