2017-03-17 Release

Ability to set an impression cap on sponsor and share of voice goals.

Impression cap on sponsor and share of voice goals

Sponsor goal mode is used for extra sponsor messages, guaranteeing a prime position directly after normal pre-roll and mid-roll ads, and before normal post-roll ads, meaning that sponsor goals are delivered closest to content. All sponsor goals are set by default to 100% share of voice. Share of Voice goals are normal mode goals which take a percentage of all the possible impressions and always take their share in the advertising slots before any other normal mode goal.

The ability to configure sponsor and share of voice goals has been extended. Previously, you had to manually control the delivery of these goals and stop them at the right time to avoid over-delivery. Now, you can set an impression cap to limit the amount of impressions delivered for these goals. This means that both sponsor and share of voice goals stop delivering either when they reach their end date or when they reach the defined impression cap, whichever happens first.

Using impression cap brings you more revenue opportunities and increases your operational efficiency, by:
  • allowing you to charge advertisers based on the volume of delivered impressions for sponsor and share of voice goals
  • reducing manual work, therefore saving time
  • reducing over-delivery, therefore increasing available inventory

To set an impression cap when creating a new sponsor or share of voice goal, open the "Add new goal" page and select either a normal mode share of voice goal or a sponsor mode goal, check the Use impression cap box, and enter a number to limit the amount of impressions delivered.

Impression cap on sponsor goal

You can also set an impression cap for an existing sponsor or share of voice goal by double-clicking the "Goal" field in the Campaign Goals list. This opens the "Edit goal target" window where you can define the impression limit.

Edit impression cap for existing sponsor goal

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: