2017-03-30 Release

VAST4 support in HTML5 SDKs

VAST4 support in HTML5 SDKs

From version, the HTML5 SDKs can parse VAST4 tickets and expose a number of extra attributes and elements, when present:
  • Conditional attribute on ad (conditionalAd)
  • Ad system information (<AdSystem>)
  • Ad categories (<Category>), including the authorities providing the categorisation
  • Ad description (<Description>)
  • Ad advertiser (<Advertiser>)
  • Ad pricing information (<Pricing>)
  • Ad survey(s) (<Survey>)
  • Scripts (JavaScript or Flash) on ads to support viewability and verification efforts (<AdVerifications>)
  • Universal ad id on creatives (<UniversalAdID>)

These changes apply to both Core and Pulse SDKs, and all ad players and plugins derived from the Core SDK.

HTML5 ad player identifier

From version, the HTML5 SDK enables you to add an identifier to your ad players. This way you can distinguish between ad players in a callback, before the reference to the ad player is available. For example, when you want to execute additional code while a specific ad player is being created.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: