2017-04-27 Release

Companion banners in Android and iOS Pulse SDKs

Companion banners in Android and iOS Pulse SDKs

From version, the Android and iOS Pulse SDKs support companion banners. Companion banners are non-linear ads shown in an area outside of the player in combination with any linear ad being shown in the player.

For the Android and iOS Pulse SDKs, only static images are supported as companion banners. The Pulse SDKs only return companion banners with the static resource type.

The prerequisites to showing companion banners in your application are:
  • Companion banners must be available in your Pulse account, and have a static image resource available.
  • You must have companion banner areas set up in the view(s) of your application, which can be matched to the zones set up in your Pulse account.
  • You must implement handling the companion banners, which is explained in the Pulse SDKs event sequence scenarios and Pulse SDKs tutorial pages.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: