2017-05-24 Release

Full passback functionality in Android and iOS Pulse SDKs, cache busting changes in HTML5 SDKs

Full passback functionality in Android and iOS Pulse SDKs

From version, the Android and iOS Pulse SDKs handle the passback functionality automatically without the need to make changes to the current logic in your application. You simply need to have passbacks enabled in your Pulse account and load the latest Pulse SDK in your application.

The passback functionality enables you to still show an ad, within a timeout limit, when a third-party ad failed to show.

Cache busting changes in HTML5 SDK

From version, the HTML5 SDK and all its derived ad players and plugins contain the following change:
  • Cache Busting: previously, all tracking URLs in a third-party VAST 2.0 ticket were padded with a cache busting macro, to ensure that multiple events from the same user would trigger properly. Now, you have the option to leave the cache busting macro out of the URLs, if it is not already present. By default, cache busting is turned on.

To turn off cache busting (when not already present), set enforceCacheBusting in the request settings to false.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: