2017-06-09 Release

New Custom Reporting REST API

New Custom Reporting API

The Custom Reporting API provides you with a new set of endpoints to retrieve reports from Pulse, within limits. Although you can also use the Insight Reporting API to retrieve reports, the Custom Reporting API differentiates in the following ways:
  • Report definitions are created through the API, rather than needing to predefine them in the Pulse User Interface.
  • You retrieve reports based on unaggregated data, which are scheduled and created on the fly.
  • You can define more complex report definitions.
  • Reports may take longer to generate, because aggregation of data is done for each report.
The Custom Reporting API would be used for:
  • Advanced invoicing and reconciliation reports.
  • Monthly financial revenue reports.
  • Reports that are too complex to create within Insight.
  • Historical reporting, not already available in Insight.
  • Reports containing dimensions and filters that are unsupported in Insight.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: