2017-06-15 Release

New Custom Reporting in Pulse, Error Responses Documentation for Custom Reporting API

Custom Reporting in Pulse

Note: The Custom Reporting functionality in Pulse must be enabled for your account before you can access it. Contact your Account Manager to find out how Custom Reporting may benefit you and to enable it.

Pulse Custom Reporting utilises a new framework to allow for much more complex reporting than Insight. Instead of pre aggregating data, reports are scheduled and created on the fly. The result is a big increase in flexibility and range of data with the tradeoff of time to produce the report.

Like the associated API, Custom Reporting in Pulse would be used for:
  • Advanced invoicing and reconciliation reports.
  • Monthly financial revenue reports.
  • Reports that are too complex to create within Insight.
  • Historical reporting, not already available in Insight.
  • Reports containing dimensions and filters that are unsupported in Insight.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: