2017-06-29 Release

HTML5 based passback player

HTML5 based passback player

Note: This functionality needs to be enabled by your Account Manager.

Passback functionality, which is available in all the Pulse SDKs, increases your fill rate, because it ensures that backup ads are available for when a third-party ad fails to show. However, when you need a direct VAST integration with Pulse, because you have no control over your player or you syndicate your monetised content to another publisher, the passback functionality is provided through a passback player. A Flash based passback player has been available for several years, but with the decline of Flash and its support, an HTML5 or Javascript based passback player has been added.

This passback player uses the VPAID mechanism, where the code for the player is provided in the MediaFile tag of the VAST ticket and the content, consisting of the passback ad candidates, is provided in the AdParameters tag of the VAST ticket. Due to the mechanism, this player is also referred to as the VPAID passback player.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates:

  • xpb parameter for VAST and VMAP integrations