2017-07-03 Release

Restructured Pulse REST API documentation.

Restructured Pulse REST API developer guide

We have created a more logical flow in the information by organising the various Pulse REST API components into meaningful groups, based on their workflow topic. For this reason, the different API components in each group have different base URLs, communication formats, and swagger documentation locations (where applicable). First you see the APIs related to managing your Pulse account settings, then you see the APIs related to managing and booking your campaigns, then the forecasting and analytics APIs.

The introduction page clearly lists the different Pulse REST API groups, the API components within each group, and provides a description with links to more documentation. Also, each individual Pulse REST API group has its own overview page which lists all of its API components and available API operations, again with a description and more links to documentation. Where needed, more information has been added to better help developers with their integrations.

Note: Due to the documentation restructure, many file names have been changed, which may cause broken links in case you had these pages bookmarked. Please, update your bookmarks.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: