2017-08-11 Release

HTML5 debug guide, Pulse video ad preview uses HTML5 player, Autohidden performance charts in Pulse campaign, goal and ad overviews

HTML5 debug guide

More information about the HTML5 debug mode is now available in the Video Advertising Developer Guide. The page provides information about:

  • What type of information is logged by debug mode
  • Where you can enable debug mode
  • How to enable debug mode
  • Some debugging scenarios

Pulse video ad preview uses HTML5 player

Previously, a Flash based player was used to preview video ads in Pulse, which has now been replaced with a Javascript (or HTML5) based player. This is part of the effort to move away completely from Flash and follow the trend of most browsers.

For assets that are still Flash based, like VPAID 1.0 ads, you must enable Flash for the site.

When you select Preview from the Ad Overview in Pulse, a new window opens up:

Rolled back: Autohidden performance charts in Pulse campaign, goal, and ad overviews

Note: This change has been rolled back, see 2017-08-18 Release

When you open any campaign, goal or ad overview, their performance charts are no longer automatically shown. By default, these charts are autohidden and to show them, you must click on the chart area title:

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: