2017-09-05 Release

Analytics updates.

Analytics updates

Note: This update only affects Pulse accounts which use Custom Reporting.

Previously, when you clicked on Analytics (Analytics icon) from the Pulse menu, it would open Insight by default. Now, if you have Custom Reporting enabled for your account, you see Custom Reporting as the default page for Analytics.

Custom Reporting updates

Previously, you could not create a new report to run in Custom Reporting if there were already two reports waiting to complete. Now, you can always create new reports, but their status is set to "Queued" if there are already two reports waiting to complete.
  • When one of the currently running reports is done (ready, failed, or cancelled), the first report in queue is run.
  • Queued reports are ordered based on creation date and time, so the report with the oldest creation date and time is the first one in queue.
  • You cannot change the order of the queue.
  • You can queue maximum 10 reports.
  • You can delete queued reports.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: