2017-10-03 Release

Deprecation and end of life of the iOS and Android Core SDKs, Debug message logging in iOS and Android Pulse SDKs

Deprecation and End of Life of the iOS and Android Core SDKs

Warning: These changes also affect integrations between Player V4 and Pulse, if you use the Ooyala SDK for Pulse iOS or Ooyala SDK for Pulse Android bridges (see Integration with Pulse on iOS and Integration with Pulse on Android, respectively). For these integrations, we request you to wait with upgrading the iOS and Android Pulse SDKs until the next version (v4.28.2) of the Mobile SDK (for Player V4) is released.

The iOS (including tvOS) and Android Core SDK have now been deprecated and we will no longer provide any support from 3 April 2018. If you are still using these SDKs, then consider migrating to the Pulse SDKs as soon as possible. Contact your representative for details.


  1. From today, we will no longer be adding any functionality, or make any feature updates to the Core native SDKs. However, we will fix critical bugs on a limited release, only shared with the customers affected.
  2. From 3 April 2018, we will no longer provide any support or bug fixes for the Core native SDKs.

Integrations using the Core SDKs, can only use the SDKs up to version From version, the SDKs no longer contain the classes and/or packages from the Core SDKs.

Debug Message Logging in iOS and Android Pulse SDKs

From version, the ability to log debug messages to the console is an integral part of the iOS and Android Pulse SDKs. You no longer need a separate SDK to provide this functionality.

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: