2017-11-16 Release

Custom Reporting updates and ${request.protocol} macro bug fix.

Custom Reporting updates

Some new features have been released for Custom Reporting:
  • Retrieve the report in the Microsoft Excel format through the UI.
  • Error reporting is now available for tags and categories through the UI and the API.
  • Filter reports based on their name and the location where they were created in the UI.
  • Filter reports when retrieving their metadata through the API based on the location where they were created.
Note: The set location of all reports created before 2017-11-16 is UI.

${request.protocol} macro bug fix

There was an issue with adding the ${request.protocol} macro at the beginning of a destination (click) URL or third-party ad URL (VAST). This caused the URL to be invalid, which means Pulse discarded such ads and displayed an Invalid URL notification message in the Pulse User Interface. Now, with the issue fixed, you can place the ${request.protocol} macro in any position within the URL. For example, both ${request.protocol}://example.com and http://example.com?protocol=${request.protocol} are valid URLs.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: