2018-01-02 Release

Support for IPTV ads in the Ad REST API.

Handle IPTV ads through the Ad REST API

Note: IPTV ads need to be enabled for your Pulse account.

IPTV ads are ads whose media files are stored in the IPTV (Internet Protocol television) closed network, meaning you do not attach the media file to the IPTV ad through Pulse, instead you make a reference to that file using the ID of the video creative.

Previously, you could handle IPTV ads only through the Pulse user interface. Now, support for IPTV ads has been added in the Ad REST API, which means you can retrieve (GET), create (POST), update (PUT), and modify (PATCH) IPTV ads using the API.

There are two ways to create IPTV ads, which require passing in a different creative type in the request body:
  1. Create an IPTV ad by providing the videoCreativeId (ID of the video creative stored in the IPTV closed network) in the request body:
    "creative": {
      "type": "iptv",
      "videoCreativeId": "<videoCreativeId>",
      "insertionPoint": "<preroll|midroll|postroll>",
      "clickDestionationUri": "http://click-destination-uri.com" (Optional, to set the clickthrough URI)
  2. Create an iptvPlaceholder ad and specify the insertion point, but pass in the video creative ID later:
    "creative": {
      "type": "iptvPlaceholder",
      "insertionPoint": "<preroll|midroll|postroll>"

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: