2018-01-25 Release

New Goals Overview user interface to view all active goals.

New Goals Overview user interface

In our effort to redesign the existing Pulse campaigns management UI, we have released the Goals Overview UI. Previously, the Campaigns Overview page provided you with a list of campaigns and campaign level data, while finding goal level data was not the easiest task. Now, with the new Goals Overview, you can see a list of all your active goals and easily find and compare the most important information related to specific goals, such as goal priority, goal duration, goal delivery, and goal forecast.

Currently, this is read-only information, allowing you to:
  • filter on campaign and goal name,
  • sort on goal priority, campaign name, goal name, goal start and end date, and booked events,
  • visit the campaign the goal belongs to.

The Goals Overview is enabled by default for all Pulse accounts. To access the Goals Overview in the Pulse UI, select Campaigns - Goals Overview from the menu bar.

Goals Overview menu

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: