2018-01-31 Release

New Audience REST API to retrieve audience data provider information and media file format preference in HTML5 Ad Player

New Audience REST API

Note: In order to use the Audience API, you first need a data integration added to your account. Discuss this with your Account Manager. For more information, see Pulse Audience Management.

A new Audience REST API is available to interact with Pulse. This API provides you with endpoints to retrieve audience provider information. The main use case for these endpoints is to be able to use audience provider IDs when reporting on audience data in Custom Reporting.

The new Audience REST API endpoints are:

  • GET v0/audience - to retrieve a list of all audience providers you have an integration with.
  • GET v0/audience/{id} - to retrieve a specific audience provider you have an integration with.

Media file format preference in HTML5 ad player

From version, the HTML5 Pulse SDK enables you to influence the media file selection in the HTML5 Ad Player. You can now specify the media file format the HTML5 Ad Player should preferably select when playing an ad. This is done through a new parameter in the request settings, called preferredMediaFormat.

Note: the maximum bit rate has precedence in the ad selection, which means that the preferred media format is a secondary filter. For example, if the preferred media format is set to WEBM, but all WEBM media files have a higher bit rate than the maximum bit rate set in maxBitRate or the detected maximum bit rate, then the list of media files provided to the ad player will not contain any WEBM media files.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: