2018-02-15 Release

New parameter identifying requests from live events.

New parameter identifying requests from Live events

Requesting ads from Pulse results in several requests being created to gather and send all necessary information for successful targeted ad delivery and tracking, from all your sales channels. However, when you stream live events where you expect high volumes of concurrent viewers, this volume of traffic may increase latency to the viewer and cause them to drop off.

For this purpose, a live parameter is now available, to identify the requests for such a live event. This enables you to turn off certain tracking, secondary lookup requests, real time bidding requests and/or cookie synching, to ensure the high volumes of ad delivery and subsequent tracking to go smoothly, and to increase your revenue and viewer retention.

The live parameter is available for direct VAST and VMAP integrations, and has several options to fill your needs to turn on or off certain aspects of ad delivery. See live parameter documentation for all options.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: