2018-02-22 Release

Refreshable reports with future end dates and new metrics in Custom Reporting

Refreshable reports with future end dates in Custom Reporting

Note: This functionality is not automatically available in your account. If you are interested, contact your Account Manager.

It is now possible to create reports in Custom Reporting that have a future end date set at the time of their creation, which allows you to refresh the report results up until three days after that future date has passed.

Setting a future date can be particularly useful when you share a report for campaigns with the associated advertiser, because the advertiser is able to refresh the report results and monitor the progress without the need for an operator in Pulse to share new reports at set intervals.

New metrics available in Custom Reporting

Ability to report on the following metrics, both through the API endpoint and the user interface:
  • Companion Impressions
  • Companion Click-throughs
  • Skip

Goal custom ID returned in Performance APIs

The goal's custom ID has been added to the response body of the goals when querying through the Performance APIs.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: