2018-03-08 Release

Content ID stored for reporting purposes, Custom Reporting updates

Content ID in Pulse for reporting

Sending content IDs to Pulse has been available for a long time, but this information was only ever used to forward it in third-party tracking URLs through macros. This way, you could report on ad delivery on specific content you served, but only from a third-party reporting system.

From March 7, 2018 Pulse also started recording this information, so you can pull reports based on your content IDs.

To create reports on content ID in Pulse, you must send in the IDs in your integration(s) through:

  • the content ID parameter in the content metadata object, when using the Pulse SDKs, HTML5 Ad Player or HTML5 Pulse SDK derived plugins, or
  • the content ID parameter, when using direct VAST or VMAP requests.

Custom Reporting updates

The following new features have been released for Custom Reporting:
  • Availability of content ID as dimension in both Custom Reporting REST API and User Interface, and as a filter in the Custom Reporting REST API.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: