2018-03-29 Release

Ability to estimate the duration of IPTV ads and include them in time-based breaks.

IPTV ads eligible for time-based breaks

IPTV ads are ads whose media files are stored in the IPTV (Internet Protocol television) closed network, meaning you do not attach the media file to the IPTV ad through Pulse, instead you make a reference to that file using the ID of the video creative.

Previously, Pulse could not know the duration of IPTV ads in advance nor could it be estimated. This means IPTV ads were not eligible for selection if you used time-based breaks. Now, you can estimate the duration of IPTV ads through the Pulse user interface, this way making them eligible for selection even if you use time-based breaks.

Note: If the IPTV ad does not have an estimated duration, or exceeds the time-based break duration, it will not get selected.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: