2018-04-03 Release

End of life of the Insight Reporting UI, Insight Reporting REST API, iOS Core SDK, and Android Core SDK.

End of life of the Insight Reporting user interface and Insight Reporting REST API

From today, we no longer supports the Insight Reporting UI and Insight Reporting REST API, which have been superseded by Custom Reporting and Custom Reporting API.
  • The Insight Reporting UI is no longer available in Pulse.
  • Access to Insight Reporting REST API is now disabled.
  • All Insight Reporting UI and REST API documentation has been removed from the documentation.

Contact your representative for details.

End of life of the iOS and Android Core SDKs

The iOS (including tvOS) and Android Core SDK have now reached their end of life and we will no longer provide any support or bug fixes from 3 April 2018. Although you can continue using these SDKs, we strongly recommend to migrate to the Pulse SDKs as soon as possible. We fully discount any integration support and validation needed to migrate from the Core native SDKS to the Pulse SDKs. Contact your representative for details.

Integrations using the Core SDKs, can only use the SDKs up to version From version, the SDKs no longer contain the classes and/or packages from the Core SDKs.