2018-04-04 Release

Daily cap on impression goals bug fix.

Daily cap on impression goals bug fix

Previously, the daily cap on impression goals was using the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone, which means that Pulse used to check how much a goal delivered from midnight GMT and up to 24 hours forward, instead of using your account's time zone. Now, with the issue fixed, Pulse checks the daily goal delivery from midnight in your account's time zone and up to 24 hours forward.

Warning: Because of the mismatch between the old and new way of checking the daily goal delivery, you can expect a goal to go over or below the daily cap on the day the bug fix was released (Wednesday, 04 April 2018). For example, if your account time zone is GMT+5, Pulse will now check the Wednesday (04 April 2018) goal delivery starting from 19:00 GMT on Tuesday (03 April 2018) instead of 00:00 GMT Wednesday (04 April 2018), as it did previously.