2018-06-01 Release

Ability to book impression-based sponsor goals through the Pulse user interface and Goal API.

Impression-based sponsor goals

Note: This functionality is available both through the Pulse user interface and Goal API.

Sponsor goal mode is used for extra sponsor messages, guaranteeing a prime position directly after normal pre-roll and mid-roll ads, and before normal post-roll ads, meaning that sponsor goals are delivered closest to content. They compete only with other sponsor goals.

Previously, all sponsor goals were set by default to 100% Share of Voice (SoV) and you could not change that. Now, you can configure sponsor goals based on impressions, and you can edit the Share of Voice percentage to any value from 0 to 100%.

This means that you can sell the sponsor position on an impression basis, which brings you more revenue opportunities and increases your operational efficiency, by:
  • allowing you to charge advertisers based on the volume of delivered impressions for sponsor goals
  • ensuring a paced delivery for the entire goal duration
  • reducing over-delivery, therefore increasing available inventory
  • reducing manual work, therefore saving time

To set the sponsor delivery goal type, open the Add new goal page, select the "Sponsor Goal" mode, and choose the desired delivery goal type and target.

Sponsor delivery goal types

You can also edit the delivery goal type and target for an existing sponsor goal by double-clicking the Goal field in the Campaign Goals list. This opens the "Edit goal target" window where you can make the desired changes.

Edit delivery goal type for existing sponsor goal
Note: Sponsor goals can be booked only as Share of Voice or Impression goals and are selected based on the distribution and prioritization rules for those goal types. However, the order in which Pulse fills the available sponsor positions in an ad break depends on the order it selects the sponsor ads, meaning that whichever one it selects first ends up served closest to the content. By default, one sponsor linear ad is available per linear ad break. Contact your Account Manager if you need to change this.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: