2018-06-14 Release

VAST, VMAP and SDK parameters for IAB's GDPR Consent Framework and GDPR related macros

VAST and VMAP parameters for IAB's GDPR Consent Framework

Note: Ooyala is not yet a registered vendor in IAB's Vendor List, and Pulse does not parse or use any of the information in the consent string.

To comply with GDPR regulations for EU data subjects, the following VAST and VMAP parameters to implement IAB's GDPR consent framework, when integrating with Pulse directly through VAST or VMAP requests, have been added.

  • gdpr: to indicate whether or not the ad request is subject to GDPR regulations.
  • gdpr_consent: to pass in the URL safe and base64 encoded GDPR consent string.
  • gdpr_pd: to indicate whether or not any of the URL parameters in the VAST or VMAP request contains any personal data.

New parameters in all SDKs for IAB's GDPR Consent Framework

From version for the HTML5 Pulse SDK, and from version for the Android and iOS Pulse SDKs, the SDKs contain the same GDPR related parameters as for the direct VAST and VMAP requests. These parameters are set in the request settings and are named as follows:
  • enableGdpr, which corresponds to gdpr,
  • gdprConsentString, which corresponds to gdpr_consent, and
  • gdprPersonalDataIncluded, which corresponds to gdpr_pd.

Macros for GDPR parameters

Macros corresponding to the GDPR parameters are available, to forward the information from your integration in third-party tags, external tracking and click-through URLs. For more information, see GDPR related macros.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: