2018-07-06 Release

Consent Framework Launch in Pulse, Mobile application related macros

Consent Framework launch in Pulse

The implementation of IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework in Pulse is now finalised, and we honour the viewer's consent settings to serve personalised or non-personalised ads when you send in this information in your ad requests.

The new parts in and for Pulse to complete this work are:
  • registration as a vendor with IAB, see Global Vendor and CMP list,
  • implementation of a site setting to enforce your general GDPR stance site wide, and
  • implementation to handle the consent settings for your viewer and serve personalised or non-personalised ads accordingly, also taking the GDPR stance into account.

These new parts, together with the parameters and macros available since the 2018-06-14 Release, allow all parties in the digital ad serving chain involving Pulse to be GDPR compliant.

Full information regarding our vendor registration, parameters, macros and ad selection implications is found here: GDPR, IAB Consent Framework, and 'Do Not Track'.

Mobile application macros for third-party tags related to SSP

Certain DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) require you to send in information from the mobile application where the ad request originates from to get bid responses. When using a third-party SSP (Sell Side Platform) with Pulse, it may, therefore, be crucial to pass in this information as third-party tags in the ad request to this third-party SSP.

The macros relate to the ad identifier of the device, app id, app name, app version, app store URL and app bundle. For more information, see Mobile app macros.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: