2018-08-28 Release

Custom reporting improvements.

Custom Reporting improvements

The following Custom Reporting functionalities have been improved on:
  • Filtering reports by name: Previously, filtering by name was only possible within the default 200 most recent reports loaded in the user interface. Now, you can filter by name across all reports stored for your account and up to 200 reports that match your filter are returned. This means you no longer have to create new reports because an existing report could not be found within the visible reports.
  • Loading of large reports: All reports are now paginated to show 100 rows of data on each page, which reduces loading times significantly for large reports. This is especially beneficial when you want to export very large reports to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format showing the total and subtotals, because you no longer need to wait for all rows in the report to load.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: