2018-12-20 Release

New Performance Metrics Explorer functionality available in Pulse UI, Back-to-back Clash Protection.

New Performance Metrics Explorer functionality in Pulse

A new reporting tool, called Performance Metrics Explorer, is available from the Pulse Analytics tab (Performance Metrics Explorer access tab. The Performance Metrics Explorer allows you to quickly and easily retrieve and share near real-time or historical performance data from a specific campaign. The following performance metrics are available to give you a quick insight into how your campaigns have been doing:
  • Impressions
  • Ad Started
  • Ad 25% Completion
  • Ad 50% Completion
  • Ad 75% Completion
  • Ad Completed
  • Click-throughs
Performance Metrics Explorer should be used for:
  • Campaign progress monitoring in near real-time.
  • Visualising the near-real time or historical campaign performance in the form of a time series graph, broken down by day.
  • Quick and simple retrieval of near real-time or historical performance metrics totals.
  • Sharing the active campaign's performance view with relevant advertisers, so they can monitor on their own without having access to any other data in your Pulse account.

Back-to-back clash protection

Client Categories are used to create clash protection rules for advertisers and brands. For example, clash protection rules are used to prevent showing ads from multiple car brands within the same ad break, like a pre-roll ad break. Previously, it was only possible to set up clash protection to prohibit ads from certain advertisers or brands to be shown together in the same ad break or in the same session. Now, it is also possible to allow ads from advertisers and/or brands within the same Client Category to be shown together in the same ad break, but not back-to-back. This means that an unrelated ad, in terms of clash protection, should be located in between the related ads.

The introduction of back-to-back clash protection allows you to fill more inventory, and still fulfil your obligations to your advertisers.

For example, you have two brands of chocolate for which you are showing ads, and you cannot contractually show ads of the first brand right before or after the second brand's ads. Previously, this obligation could have meant that you lost opportunities to show an ad, if not enough suitable ads were available in your account. With back-to-back clash protection, you can first show an ad for the first chocolate brand, then an ad for another confectionary brand, and next an ad for the second chocolate brand.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: