2019-04-26 Release

Target any linear ad break. Note: this functionality has changed starting from 2019-09-04

Target Any Break

Warning: The way this feature works has been changed starting from 2019-09-04. See 2019-09-04 Release for more information.
Note: This feature needs to be enabled for your account. Contact your Account Manager if you want to use the Target Any Break feature.
Note: This feature only applies to mid-roll ad breaks.

It is now possible to target a goal to one or more linear ad breaks (pre-, mid-, or post-roll ad break) by setting a break restriction rule when adding both normal and sponsor goals through the Pulse user interface. This allows you to show certain types of ads in specific ad breaks and provides greater control of your ad serving. For example, setting break restriction to break numbers 2 and 3 means that ads from that goal can only be shown in the second and third ad break. You can enter a maximum of ten break numbers in a comma separated list, where 1 marks the first ad break. If no break restriction rule is set on a goal, then ads from that goal can show up in all breaks. Ads other than pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads are not affected by any break restriction set on their goal.

Note: Reporting and simulating on specific break numbers is currently not supported, however the progress bars take the break number into account when running the background forecasts.

To set the break restriction rule and target a goal to a specific linear ad break, open the Add new goal page and enter one or more break numbers in the Break restriction input field. For example:

Set break restriction rule

The configured break restriction rule is displayed in the Goal overview within the Break restriction field and can be edited for existing goals by double-clicking the field and entering the desired break numbers.

Edit break restriction rule

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: