2019-07-11 Release

Ability to target specific break numbers through the Goal REST API.

Break Restriction Available through the Goal REST API

Note: This feature needs to be enabled for your account. Contact your Account Manager if you want to use the Target Any Break feature.
Note: This feature only applies to mid-roll ad breaks.

Previously, you could set break restriction rules only through the Pulse user interface. Now, support for break restriction has been added in the Goal REST API, which means you can target specific break numbers through the https://api.videoplaza.com/api/1.0.cpvext/goal set of endpoints.

Pass in the following (optional) parameters in the request body:

    <breakNumber>positive integer</breakNumber>
    <breakNumber>positive integer</breakNumber>

You can pass in a maximum of ten break numbers, where 1 marks the first ad break.

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: