2019-02-22 Release

Ability to estimate the duration of IPTV ads using the Pulse Ad REST API.

Estimate the Duration of IPTV Ads Through the Pulse Ad REST API

Note: IPTV ads need to be enabled for your Pulse account. If you are using time based breaks, you have to estimate the duration of the IPTV ad. If the ad does not have an estimated duration, or exceeds the time based break duration, it will not get selected.

Previously, you could estimate the duration of IPTV ads only through the Pulse user interface. Now, when handling IPTV ads through the Ad API, you can also set (POST), update (PUT), and retrieve (GET) the estimatedAdDuration in seconds. The IPTV creative type looks as follows:

"creative": {
  "type": "iptv",
  "insertionPoint": "<preroll|midroll|postroll>",
  "videoCreativeId": "<string>",
  "clickDestionationUri": "<string>", (Optional)
  "estimatedAdDuration": "<integer>"  (Optional, duration in seconds) 

Documentation Releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: