2019-06-27 Release

Ability to see download status through the Asset Factory UI and REST API.

Download status available through Asset Factory user interface

Previously, the status Failed did not distinguish between assets that failed due to download issues and assets that failed due to transcoding issues. Now, when the download of assets uploaded to Pulse through a URL fails for some reason, you see the Download Failed status. Transcoding is not triggered in this case, so you need to remove the failed asset from the ad and fetch it again. Transcoding is triggered only after a successful download, and if there are any transcoding issues, you see the Transcoding Failed status.

Download status available through Asset REST API

downloadStatus has been added to the response body when retrieving asset metadata of any asset uploaded to Pulse through the Asset API or Asset Factory UI. This lets you know whether assets uploaded through a URL have been successfully downloaded and helps distinguish between download and transcoding issues. The response body now looks as follows:

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: