2019-07-05 Release

Ability to integrate Pulse ad delivery with Chromecast using VMAP.

Cast Application Framework (CAF) Receiver sample application

We have developed a sample CAF Receiver application, based on Google's CAF Receiver API and support of the IAB VMAP standard, which you can use to create your own receiver application that can provide the ads metadata and request VMAP ads from Pulse to be served on a Chromecast device.

Whenever the CAF Receiver application loads the video, meaning you start casting, you have the opportunity to insert ad break information by providing a VMAP request URL with all the parameters that define the characteristics and filters for the ads in the VMAP ticket.

The sample application contains a URL builder helper script and the code to customize the receiver application by intercepting messages and handling events.

Note: We are using the Google Cast SDK to handle all the logic around the integration, so any potential bug fixes or feature requests are entirely dependent on Google.

The sample application and all its documentation can be found on GitHub: Cast Application Framework (CAF) Receiver Application.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: