2019-08-12 Release

Geotargeting: Region updates

Geotargeting: Region updates

Due to region code updates made by our IP geolocation provider, some regions have been updated in Pulse and they now contain the following suffixes in parenthesis:
  • ISO 3166-2 code: next to region name, for all countries coded in ISO 3166-1. For example, (se-ab) when targeting Stockholms län region in Sweden.

    ISO 3166-2 code suffix

  • (?): question mark, next to region name if the ISO 3166-2 code is unknown.

The old and obsolete version of the updated regions is still available in our system, prefixed with (DO NOT USE), so Pulse can display them in campaigns, targeting templates, inventory simulations, and campaign simulations where they were previously used, and also make them available for reporting purposes. However, they do not appear when adding geotargets.


Our provider does not assign any IP addresses to these old and obsolete regions. In order to successfully target the desired regions, you must:

  • Remove and replace the regions prefixed with (DO NOT USE) from the:
    • global geotargeting rules,
    • geotargeting rules in any running campaigns and goals,
    • targeting templates, especially those linked to your running campaigns and goals.
  • Use new location IDs/region codes in your Pulse REST API requests, because the location IDs/region codes of the old and obsolete regions are now deprecated.

Contact your Account Manager for more information.