2019-09-18 Release

Ability to set the destination URL when adding the creative later through the Pulse UI and Pulse Ad REST API.

Destination URL available when adding the creative later

When choosing to Upload Creative Later through the Pulse user interface, it is now possible to add a destination URL that is triggered when there is a click on the ad. This is available for all ad formats that support the destination URL.

When creating or updating a placeholder ad through the Ad API, it is now possible to pass in the optional clickDestionationUri parameter. This is available for the following type of creative:
  • spotPlaceholder: standard spot placeholder ads (pre-, mid-, and post-rolls)
  • pausePlaceholder: pause placeholder ads
  • iptvPlaceholder: IPTV placeholder ads

This allows you to create an empty placeholder ad with all the necessary ad metadata even before you have the actual creative files.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: