2019-09-30 Release

Ability to override mid-roll break number in HTML5, Android, and iOS Pulse SDKs.

Mid-roll break number in Pulse SDKs

From version for HTML5, and version for Android and iOS, the Pulse SDKs contain a mid-roll break number parameter in the request settings object. This parameter enables you to override the number of the mid-roll ad break targeted by the ad request and request mid-roll ads from goals targeting a specific mid-roll ad break. The value of this parameter is a positive integer, where 1 marks the first mid-roll ad break.

As a result, we have deprecated the break number parameter, because it no longer serves a purpose. We urge you to switch to the mid-roll break number parameter as soon as possible.

Note: This feature applies to mid-roll ad breaks only and needs to be enabled for your account. Contact your Account Manager if you want to use the Mid-roll Break Targeting feature. Enabling the Mid-roll Break Targeting feature also allows you to use the Advanced Mid-roll Break Management feature.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: