2019-10-08 Release

Ability to target specific mid-roll ad breaks through the Goal REST API, and "Break restriction" renamed to "Mid-roll break targeting" in the Pulse UI.

Mid-roll break targeting available through the Goal REST API

Note: This feature applies to mid-roll ad breaks only and needs to be enabled for your account. Contact your Account Manager if you want to use the Mid-roll Break Targeting feature. Enabling the Mid-roll Break Targeting feature also allows you to use the Advanced Mid-roll Break Management feature.

Previously, you could target specific mid-roll ad breaks only through the Pulse user interface. Now, support for mid-roll break targeting has been added in the Goal REST API, which means you can target specific mid-roll break numbers through the https://api.videoplaza.com/api/1.0.cpvext/goal set of endpoints.

Pass in the following (optional) parameters in the request body:

    <midrollBreakNumber>positive integer</midrollBreakNumber>
    <midrollBreakNumber>positive integer</midrollBreakNumber>

You can pass in a maximum of ten mid-roll break numbers, where 1 marks the first mid-roll ad break.

Break restriction renamed to Mid-roll break targeting in Pulse UI

In order to be consistent with the name and actual behavior of the Mid-roll Break Targeting feature, we have renamed the "Break restriction" field in the goal create and edit views to Mid-roll break targeting and Mid-roll break, respectively.

Add new goal

Edit goal

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: