2019-10-14 Release

New VAST and VMAP parameter to override the RTB device type detected in Pulse.

VAST and VMAP parameter for RTB device type

Note: This parameter should only be used if you are using the sell-side platform (SSP) in Pulse to make real-time bid (RTB) requests.

A new parameter, rtb_dcid, is available when integrating with Pulse directly through VAST or VMAP requests. This allows you to override the RTB device type detected in Pulse and request ads for a specific RTB device type. You must provide a valid value (1 to 7) for one of the available device types as specified in the OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.3.1. This information is forwarded to your connected demand-side platforms (DSPs), and enables the DSPs to better match up bids. For example, rtb_dcid=5 means that the bid request is for the device "Tablet".

If the ad request to Pulse contains a valid value for the rtb_dcid parameter, Pulse sends that in the bid request. If not, Pulse sends the automatically detected device container. In case the device detection fails for any reason, a default value is sent in the bid request. The default RTB device type is set to 2, meaning "Personal Computer", and can be changed to any of the values specified in the OpenRTB 2.3.1 specification. Contact your Account Manager if you want to set a different default device type for your Pulse account.

Documentation releases

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