2019-11-20 Release

Advanced mid-roll break management in new Insertion Policy UI and API.

Advanced mid-roll break management

Note: This feature applies to mid-roll ad breaks only and is available if the Mid-roll break targeting feature has already been enabled for your account, otherwise you need to contact your Account Manager if you want to use Advanced Mid-roll Break Management.

Previously, you could only configure a single mid-roll break insertion rule with a certain number of ads per break and break duration limits (if you are using time based breaks). This rule applied to all of your mid-roll ad breaks.

Now, you can control the viewer experience even more by configuring up to 10 mid-roll ad breaks with different ad loads and break duration limits. This is especially good if later in the content, when your viewers are already heavily invested and less likely to drop out, you want to insert breaks with higher ad load and longer duration. Using advanced mid-roll break management also brings you more revenue opportunities by allowing you to sell your mid-roll inventory on a per break basis.

To configure the different mid-roll insertion rules, go to Insertion Policy and create a new or edit an existing insertion policy. Enable mid-rolls, configure the default rule, and then enable the Advanced options. When advanced options are enabled, at least one mid-roll break rule is required. Enter the number of the mid-roll break and specify the number of ads for that break and the break duration. The mid-roll breaks that are not specifically configured inherit the default mid-roll rule.

For example, you have 8 mid-roll ad breaks on the Reality shows category and you are using time based breaks. In the insertion policy that is targeting the Reality Shows category, you configure the default mid-roll break rule to 3 ads per break but maximum 60 seconds break duration. However, later in the content, you want to show more ads, so for:
  • mid-roll break 6, you configure 4 ads per break but maximum 80 seconds break duration.
  • mid-roll break 7, you configure 6 ads per break but maximum 120 seconds break duration.
  • mid-roll break 8, you configure 8 ads per break but maximum 160 seconds break duration.
This means that mid-roll breaks 1 to 5 inherit the default mid-roll rule.

Support for advanced mid-roll rules has also been added to the Insertion Policy API. You can add up to 10 rules, and if advancedRules are enabled, you need to provide at least one value in the rules object.

Pass in the following parameters in the midroll object:
"advancedRules": {
  "enabled": "<boolean>",    (Defaults to false)
  "rules": [
     "midrollBreakNumber": "<integer>",    (integer >1)
     "adsPerBreak": "<integer>",    (1-50, defaults to 1)
     "timeLimit": {
       "enabled": "<boolean>",    (Defaults to false)
       "seconds": "<integer>"    (integer >1, defaults to 30)

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: