2020-04-17 Release

Pulse Android SDK integration with OM SDK updates and companion banners with time-based breaks bug fix.

Pulse Android SDK integration with OM SDK updates

If you are using the Pulse Android SDK with Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) for publishing ad events to measurement providers, the following has been updated from version of Pulse Android SDK:
  • When calling adStarted, you can send in an optional parameter, playerVolume, with a range between 0 and 1 (default value is 1). Sending in the value ensures that the OM SDK has the correct initial player volume value. The player volume is required for Open Measurement tracking to be accurate.
  • PulseVideoAd.volumeChanged() API has been renamed to PulseVideoAd.playerVolumeChanged().

Companion banners with time-based breaks bug fix

There was an issue when using companion banners in combination with time-based breaks, where the companion banners were filtered out during ad selection because they were not treated as part of the linear ad break. Now, with the issue fixed, companion banners work in combination with time-based breaks.

Documentation releases

This release includes the following documentation updates: