2020-05-11 Release

INVIDI Pulse Campaign REST API bug fix.

Campaign REST API bug fix

There was an issue with creating and updating campaigns through the Campaign API, where you could create a campaign without providing an advertiser ID and were then unable to update it with the advertiser ID or any other information. This also caused issues in the Pulse UI where you could not activate a campaign without an advertiser. The API and UI issues could only be resolved by manually adding an advertiser through the Pulse UI.

Providing an advertiser is required information in the UI, and now with the issue fixed, it is a required parameter in the API, which means you get a 400 Bad Request if you do not provide the advertiser ID when creating or updating a campaign.

Note: If you have previously created campaigns through the Campaign API without providing the advertiser ID, you will still not be able to activate them in the UI before you provide the required information, but you can now also make the update through the API.